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27 July 2012

Rizalman Collection still have stock.!!

Lepas berbuka td saje je pergi tesco seri alam.. selasa lps dah tgk kat tesco tebrau.. mmg tinggal yg kaler pink bow & pink green je.. both i tak minat sbb kain jenis lycra & plain color.. sampai kat tesco seri alam i tgk masih byk lagi rupanya.. hampir semua design masih ada.. cuma size s & m mmg totally sold out.. yg ada L & XL je.. kepada sesiapa yg nak collection rizalman ni, & stay in JB or singapore, masih ada chance u'olls utk grab sehelai dua oke.. ni design rizalman yg masih ada di tesco sri alam...

I grab the last piece of this collection.. weehuu...its my wishlist collection for 20 by rizalman..!!

Now still looking for polkadot.. is it still have or totally sold out???who can help me to get this polkadot?i'll really appreariate it..

❤Do not hesitate to contact me❤
📱: 017-3300036
📩: babyalanis2800@yahoo.com

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