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24 July 2012

RTW by jovian

Hee... just back from First Lady Danga City Mall.. again..??!!! yezzaa... i can't stop thinking of janelle.. very adore with janelle dusky pink..

Just nice with L size.. so, i decide to go back FL after berbuka puasa.. ini lah penangan Jovian Mandagie RTW..hohoho...sanggup pergi semula ke FL..

Sampai je sana tgk ada lagi janelle dusky pink in L size.. only 1 last piece..but bad news with the beads..they drop 1 by 1.. oh no.. so bad.. i try XL size.. but too big for me..

see.. longgar sgt.. ni tak pakai korset.. kalau pakai korset PB lagi la gebeng..hee..but i fall in love with the beads..so i pick the other color.. in cream color..

Hee.. now i can sleep well.. hahaha..just wait for 3rd batch on 29th july..oh my Jovian Mandagie.... hidupku xkeruan sejak u release RTW..hahaha...

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