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27 August 2012

Special WHI Today @ TV3 for Jovian fan..

Salam Semua...
Tahun ni melaram dengan jovian couture..ihik...later akan buat entry raya ye... today i want to update more about Jovian RTW.. 
Raya kan sebulan... so Jovian also have his own strategies...!! hermm... As we know, he still make a secret for Jezebel & Jeevana..

Macam mana la agaknya rupa yg ni kan...ihik...can't wait...!!!

Today, Jovian again will live on WHI @TV3 on 12 noon...bad news for me..dah buat appoinment for facial today at Mayfair..huhuhu..saper yg tgk tu.pls...plss.....plllsss....!!! update me k.. More Jovian RTW will be revealed..!! oh no..!! i can't missed this...

To my Jovian friends... @Connie_CP, @ Serie123, @Serenity_2204, @hi_dayah & many more...plsssss...update me k..nt i tlg u belikan lagi utk u'ollss....ihik... yg penting..Kerjaaaasama...!!! hahahaha...

BTW...Jovian ada post kat jovian fan page @facebook about new recruitment for Jovian RTW... (i tlg promote tau Jovian)

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join us at JOVIAN MANDAGIE & JOVIAN RTW. Areas;

1. Assistant Designer ; Qualified Fashion & Retail design

2. Personal Assistant/secretary ; Qualified Secretarial training

3. Accounts Executive; Accounting & Audit qualification as well as experience

4. Operation manager ; Qualified as Retail Manager, Dealt with big Manufacturing companies/factorie
s ; Able to communicate in Malay/English/Cantonese/Mandarin

5. PR Executive ; Qualified in Mass Communication ; Excellent Skills of communication ; Malay/English/Cantonese/Mandarin

Good offers to join the next GIANT BRAND in MALAYSIA!
More details and inquiries, as well as submitting your CVs, please mail to us at ; humanresource@jovianmandagie.com

Masih terbayang Jovian Boxing day hari tu..ihik...dgn laki ku sekali terlibat...photographer jovian lak asyik nak snap gambar dia je..hahahaha....dah la dok dpn sekali kat fast lane...later i mskkn entry about boxing day...;-)

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