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09 February 2015

I'm the winner..!

Alhamdulillah.. Hari ni dapat berita gembira lagi. Pukul 11 pagi tadi dok scrol kat home facebook. Sekali ternampak ni kat page Illy Ariffin Blog.

Baby hamper Pigeon Rm100

Congrats!! to all 3 winners and thank you do so much for everyone that have participated. The winners were picked randomly using the Raflecopter system and I will ger in touch with the winners soon. Arigato!

Giveaway Entry : http://www.illyariffin.com/2015/01/mandi-time-with-pigeonreview-and.html

 Terkejut sangat. petang tu i terima email dari Illy Ariffin. I join giveaway ni pada 28 January hari tu. Asalnya google pasal set bersalin. then terjumpa blog Illy Ariffin.  So i blogwalking then ternampak la giveaway ni. So saje la suka2 join. Tak sangka betul dapat 1st winner. Rezeki baby dalam perot ni. Hari tu dapat cabutan bertuah stroller contours. Alhamdulillah.. Kali ni dapat baby hamper from Pigeon RM100.


shukran TQ said... Reply To This Comment

wahh betuah betul ...btw tahniah ...#klik#visit my blog on shukranzahari.blogspot.com ..HAPPY BLOGGING

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